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Andre Kirsten Attorneys

André Kirsten Attorneys is a criminal law firm which specializes in Criminal Law with our offices located at Bellville in Cape Town in the Western Cape.

We assist our clients in all areas of concern from obtaining after hours bail at police stations and opposed bail applications in court, to the investigating of the alleged offence and conducting the trial. Value added services such as assistance in the returning process of seized properties from the South African Police Service and the like is also offered. We also offer appeal services, be that applying for leave to appeal against unwanted convictions or conducting the appeals in the high court against unwanted convictions and undesired sentences.

Schoeman Law

The firm was established in 2007 by the then 24 year old, Ms Nicolene Schoeman (now Mrs Nicolene Schoeman – Louw). She is a passionate Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public originally from the Free State. Schoeman Law

Nicolene started small as a single Practitioner under the style and banner of Schoeman Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public from 2007 to 2012. In 2012 (the firm still trading as a sole proprietorship) expanded its professional staff compliment and became known as Schoeman Attorneys, Conveyancers and Notaries Public.

We work on behalf of a wide range of clients – from entrepreneurs who run SMMEs to national and multinational corporates as well as community-based organisations. Our enduring client relationships testify to the excellence of our personal service and our business acumen.
We offer every client the same level of dedicated attention in a working environment that inspires creative thinking, practical solutions – and positive results. Our attention to personal detail is meticulous, even down to including your chosen coffee brand on our extensive refreshment menu.

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Vacancies Box

Business name:
Vacancies Box
Owner name:
Steve Biko
2nd Floor, 36 Buitenkant Street
Cape Town, Western Cape 8000
085 751 0006

Business Email:
Operating Hours:
Mo-Su 09:00-10:00
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Kirith Haria Attorneys

KH Attorneys is a dynamic and energetic law firm based in The Firs, Rosebank. As a boutique law firm conveniently situated in Johannesburg, we build intimate and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our objectives are to provide our clients with professional legal advice and to bring speedy solutions to an ever-changing business environment. We maintain the highest levels of integrity, confidentiality and professionalism in the legal fraternity. We bring a creative approach to the law, passion to the legal services that we provide and a commitment to your matter that is handled with absolute integrity.

Service includes: deceased estates and estate planning, commercial law, family law, litigation, debt recovery, insolvency, business rescue, and property law.

Telephone: 011 759 4235

Financial Disaster - C A Schoeman Attorney

Christo has dedicated his time to assisting the individual with their financial strife's, i.e. Debt, Insolvency.

Christo has been practicing as an attorney since 1989. Prior to commencing his practice, he earned his stripes within the Supreme Court, where he had exposure to specialized High Court litigation in his capacity as secretary of a judge.
In 2004, while president of the National Association of Administrators, he was instrumental in the development and drafting of the Code of Conduct for Administrators which was approved and adopted by the Banking Association of South Africa. During the pre-parliamentary phase of the New Credit Act, Christo was invited by the Department of Trade and Industry for his comments and input.

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Founded by Attorneys for Attorneys, our National Network of Correspondent Attorneys with Members in over 200 Jurisdictions & expanding, has been involved in New Developments to revolutionize the way Attorney Firms Communicate and do Business.
Considering what makes this particular Network so unique is the functionality and convenience for Instructing Attorneys to send Instructions through an Online Platform by connecting with one of our Line & Correspondent Attorney Members who are listed on the site.
We have made continuous and substantial progress in research, in search of Exceptional Correspondents and Line Attorneys through References, ”word-of-mouth”, Preferences, Stats and excellent Track Records. So only the Best of the Best hand-picked Correspondent Attorneys will attend to your Instructions saving you valuable time and money.
So, does your Firm currently Send Instructions, Receive Instructions or Both?

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Jansens Attorneys

 Fast reliable and professional service;
 Information that is handled confidentially;
 An outcome based approach.
You do not have to tolerate this any further. Call, sms or email us for
professional service, BECAUSE WE CAN HELP YOU.

Tel:(018) 293 1011
Fax:(018) 293 1411

Important: It is in your best interest NOT to ignore the problem.
Contact as as soon as possible for the best results.

NHLRA Legal an Labour Association

Your business should join our legal and labour association
Our reasons are listed below:
1) The discounts on the “businesses pages” are more than the monthly membership fee. Click on Businesses on the website.

2) You will have access to legal advice immediately.

3) You have access to all documentation on our website.

4) We do disciplinary hearings on your behalf.

5) We will represent you at CCMA and Bargaining Council if needed.

6) We will collect your bad debts at 10% per invoice.

7) Supply of contract of employment and letter of employment.

8) Litigation and mediation between you and any third party

9) Arrangements with creditors when needed.

Costing Structure.
a) 1-5 employees only R100.00 per month.

b) 6-10 employees only R150.00 per month

c) 11-15 employees only R200.00 per month

Please contact Jaco for more information or application form.
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Jaco Dercksen

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