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CMM Architectural Consultants

We are a Professional Architecture & Design practice located in Pretoria, Gauteng. We provide professional solutions to all aspects of architecture.

Eco friendly Airconditioners Pretoria

Green Leaf Alternative solutions offer a selection of eco friendly air conditioning solutions to reduce your monthly energy bill including: Solar powered air conditioning systems, Ice battery power and Geothermal heat pumps. Advantages include: reduction of harmful emissions, operate quieter than normal air conditioners and have a longer lifespan.

For more info please visit our website:

Project Management Consultant and Course

Project Management Consultant
The Art of Project Management
Goals and needs
We assist our customer to write a comprehensive customer requirement specification (CRS). This will determine if we will be managing a Project (single unit), program (more than one unit and related) with a large project i.e. in different areas of the country, the project becomes a program and is divided into regional projects, portfolio (more than one unit not related) projects in the same project office that are not related to each other.
Should the project be that of change management – we will assist the business with the business process re-engineering required.
Once we have agreed on the CRS this is used to create the Business Proposal for the project, program, or portfolio. An Agreement is then negotiated, signed and implemented.
During Implementation, feedback is given on the bases as per the agreement. This will probably include weekly meetings.
Project planning
All work done is documented for record, monitoring and sign off purposes. This includes all project planning and project Documentation, progress monitoring, issue handling, milestone completion documents and as built drawings.
Quality –– to ensure that the results are of the standard you require the ISO standards are employed for best results. (i.e. ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and other as required)
Business analysis is utilised to ensued the best solution is offered. – Gap analysis is utilised during the planning phase when a system is in place and changes are required.
Once we have agreed on the implementation of the project, the project is managed to completion.

Project Management Course

Goals your company needs to implement for change and growth?

Expert Quality Project Management, Quality Assurance, Quality Control & SHEQ Services

Succinct Quality Engineering offers you concise, fairly priced and extensive quality project management solutions that encompass the full spectrum of all QA/QC / Project Management disciplines and are known for our exceptional service.

We implement turnkey Project Quality Control & Assurance and Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality Risk Management and Project Procurement & Project Management of Engineering, Fabrication Works, Installation & Commissioning.

Engineering Procurement Companies, Small to Medium Enterprises such as - Engineering Fabrications/Facilities of all sectors (mechanical, electrical, construction, civil, marine, hydro, power generation), property development architects, builders, and manufacturers.

Project Management: large tenders, operation management – large enterprises/ governmental organizations, specialist quality control such as: Non-destructive Testing

Industries: Construction, Civil Engineering, Hydro Power, Power Generation, Transformers, Sub-Stations, Petrochemical, Mechanical, Field Installations, Field Services, Electrical Engineering, HV & LV, Electro Mechanical, Mining, Marine, all Manufacturing and relevant consultants. Within South Africa and Internationally.

The below services are offered in all of the industries and organizations that we serve within South Africa and internationally.

• Project Quality Management
• Quality Assurance
• Quality Control & Inspections to the various international standards
• Project Quality Control including: C & I, E & I, Mechanical, Civil, Structural Polymers & Rubbers, Coatings, Piping
• 3rd Party inspections
• Audits and Assessments (Including: Supplier, Product, Design, Site, Close-Out)
• Gap Analysis
• Expediting
• Design Review and Verifications
• Failure Investigations
• Welding Consulting
• Plant Integrity Surveys
• Rubber Technology – strip tests

Kenter Metals

We recycle all types of scrap metal and buy directly from business and the public. No quantity is too big or small.

• Free bins & pick up
• Free quote
• Cash on the spot
• Friendly service

For fast pick-up and safe, efficient service, Kenter Metal is the team to call. Contact us today on 021 552 7803 or via the contact page to arrange a quote or estimate.,za

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Powerful traditional healer Witchcraft Spell Casters +27732234705

Powerful traditional healer Witchcraft Spell Casters +27732234705

Spell casting is becoming more and more accepted by mainstream society. And for one simple reason: it works! But only if practiced by someone skilled in the art of spell casting. My sole mission is to enhance your life -- to bring you success, happiness and fulfillment.I have been providing metaphysical services for three decades to clients in over 50 countries. Ours is a mixture of African traditional medicine, spiritualism, psychic powers, rituals, native healing, spell casting, all of which are designed to take care of whatever adversity you may face. My solutions are tailor designed depending on the nature of your problem or adversity. Ours is a constant mission to ensure that good prevails over evil and to ensure that you have peace of mind, success and happiness. I have a proven track record, having honed our skills from experiences and tradition passed down through the centuries from our forefathers. I do email, phone and private readings and consultations to enable you take control of the situation and control your destiny.
Contact: Sheik Muniil
Tel: +27732234705
Skype: sheik.muniil2

​African Powerful Traditional Healer With Super Powers call +27732234705

​African Powerful Traditional Healer With Super Powers call +27732234705

Am an African ancient powerful traditional healer, strong spells, bring back a lost relationship, powerful love spells, revenge of the raven curse, break up spells, do magic spells that works, protection spells, curse removal, remove negative energy, removing curse spells, witch doctor, spiritual cleansing, African witchcraft, healers, healing, hex removal, spiritual healing, spell, Wicca, witchcraft, voodoo, spells, good luck charm, lucky charms, good luck spells and many more powerful spells. If you are having any problems in these spells.
Contact: Sheik Muniil
Tel: +27732234705
Skype: sheik.muniil2

ULILOG Making Cents out of Energy

Our company Ulilog offers the perfect energy management solutions for all your energy saving needs.
Please find below a brief profile of what our company is doing and the phenomenal results we are achieving.

Ulilog (Pty) Ltd is a holistic energy management and solutions company with a B-BBEE Level 1 Accreditation.

We determine the best solutions to optimize energy resource management within your operation, and advise as to operationalisation of the interventions.

We are achieving savings of up to:
• 90% in lighting,
• 70% in water heating
• 50% on optimizing motors
• 70% on water usage of conventional showers
• 25% on air conditioners

We provide state-of-the-art Smart Meter monitoring with historical and real time access, data logging, analysis and reporting which enables us to identify areas of energy wastage. Recommendations regarding low- and no-cost savings as well as utilization of energy-efficient products are made, to ensure your operation is as energy efficient as possible. We are achieving phenomenal savings.

We offer a range of services and products tailored for your needs. These include:
No- and Low-cost energy saving solutions.
Power Conditioning Units
Lighting: LED lighting, downlights, floodlights, spotlights, parking- and street lights customized for your specific needs, and which can retrofit into existing light fittings. This includes LED Tubes and other T5 and T8 solutions which offer significant saving over fluorescent lamps
Occupancy-, daylight harvesting and motion sensors
Motor controllers and Variable Speed Drives (VSD's) - for HVAC, lifts and escalators
Retrofit refrigeration energy savers
Retrofit energy savers for split unit air-conditioners
Power Factor Correction
Evaporative Cooling and Whirlybird hot air extractors
Water saving and heating solutions
Change management program - Stakeholder involvement and motivation

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