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Primotek Promotional Branded Items and Clothing

Primotek supplies companies and organisationsa across South Africa with promotional branded corporate gifts, items and clothing for functions, team building, special events, conferences, exhibitions, expo's, awareness campaigns, product lauches, sports days, safety campaigns and corporate functions.


Our company and core focus is to create a tailor-made solution for each client, ensuring their presence not only exists online, but has a positive impact on their business.

The heart of our company creates a synergy between creativity, functionality and compliance.

We believe in keeping up with the fast-paced world of web, and allowing our clients to gain the best return on investment possible.

Trusted Lenders - No Excuses - No Surprises

We are looking for projects that require funding OR Loan for Start-Up from Africa,Asia,Europe and South America. We concentrate on high value projects starting from USD 5M to 500M, although there are always exceptions. All Approvals should be in place. All those who would want us to have a look at their proposals to send them to my personal email:

Marketing Research Consultancy | Research Collective

The Research Collective is a dedicated marketing research consultancy, run by our team of research specialists, focusing on qualitative, quantitative and customer-focused research as well as impact evaluation research (something quite different and really unique). Impact evaluation quantifies the financial impact, that a change to any element of a company’s mix (e.g. a new product or a change to packaging or price) will likely have on its sales volumes.

Our services
Impact Evaluation Research : Evaluate and financially quantify the impact that a specific business decision will have on your business (e.g. new packaging, new product development, improved recipe or new promotion etc)

Customer Experience Research : Your customers are your most important asset, understanding their experience of your company, brand and products is fundamental to your success.

Brand & Advertising Research : Mapping the hierarchical attributes, benefits, and values associated with and portrayed by an advertisement. Means-end analysis is often part of this type of study

Market Description Surveys : Determine the size and relative market share of the market. Provide key information about market growth, competitive positioning, and share of market.

For more details, please visit or email:

Online Systems

Website Design, SEO, Adwords, Social Media, Marketing Platforms, Online Marketing Strategy and Training.
Online Systems offers a range of digital marketing solutions. Our focus is on delivering systems to you to make your business grow. These systems can be websites, CRM (customer relationship mangement - ideal for sales and marketing), Newsletter, SMS, digital marketing and dedicated lead generation.

Enav8 Field Marketing

Enav8 Field marketing focuses on providing innovative high-end field marketing solutions, employing trained, skilled and tech savvy in-field specialists. We link your brand to the consumer.

Enav8 Field Marketing

Enav8 Field marketing focuses on providing innovative high-end field marketing solutions, employing trained, skilled and tech savvy in-field specialists. We link your brand to the consumer.

Brand Specific

The heart of your business success lies in its marketing. The overall marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Without marketing, your business may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers would know about it. Let Brand Specific guide you in a successful integrated marketing campaign that capitalizes on the strengths of individual media.

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The Mamelodibiz Business Directory is your online go-to place for information on businesses and services in the Mamelodi area. Here, you can find information about Mamelodi, learn more about the local businesses and about the best that Mamelodi has to offer. Showcase your business on our platform - talk to the local audience, tell them about your business and get closer to your customers.

The idea of the business directory comes from the realization that there is a need for township businesses specifically in Mamelodi to be marketed, advertised and to have an online presence. There are many small businesses that are operational but are not known by the large community of Mamelodi. Many of the youth are opening businesses and cooperatives but do not have the money as yet to have a dedicated website created and hosted as a result will require services from MZ Trading and Projects to provide reliable, efficient and effective service to our clients and the larger business sector including the community to have access to a single directory with up to date database of operational businesses industry.

We provide the following services under the Mamelodibiz umbrella:

* Online Business Directory
* Marketing & Advertising
* Event management (seminars, workshops, trainings, etc.)
* Business services (Business registrations, business profiles, business , etc.)
* Graphic designing & Web designing - including webhosting

We are a digital marketing company that offers solutions designed to create a real impact in your digital marketing strategy. Our company is based in Mamelodi, in the Pretoria and we service businesses across Gauteng. While our advertising solutions are targeted at the audience of the Mamelodi & greater Pretoria, our web design and SEO offerings are suitable for any business, in any location. Our product portfolio offers solutions that suit any budget and have the flexibility to be tailored into packages designed for maximum impact.

Ignite Media

Ignite Media is an online marketing and communications agency based out in Cape Town, South Africa. Our small team is made up by highly skilled and professional copywriters, social media strategists, graphic artists and website developers. Our aim is to be the marketing company behind your successful business.

From website design, graphic design to developing and creating content for your online platforms which include web copy, blog posts, articles, case studies as well as creating content for your social media accounts, we are able to assist you no matter what your needs.

Contact us today to find out how we may assist and help you grow your business.

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