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VIP is a website plus mobile applications design and development company. The company was started in 2006 by the owner Corne Lombaard. Vantage Internet Projects is a small company but we are growing and expanding. We are small but we are highly efficient and we really get the job done, no matter what! Currently the company consists of the owner/ developer/ manager, 3 more developers and 2 graphic design artists. We all love what we do and we will continue to do this for the rest of our lives. We have a burning desire to become the best at what we do. We work hard and we love putting in the extra hours to get the job done.


We at ParkHost believe in keeping things simple, life is complicated enough, your hosting shouldn't be. Our vision is to offer the best face-to-face service to our clients. Whether you are a technical guru or not, we have the solution to all your website needs!

Our team of professional, and creative designers, work closely with our clients, to achieve the best look that captures the essence of both you, and your company. We ensure that once the creative process is complete, your website would be attractive to you, and your target audience.

We provide you with an affordable and personalized service, which you can rely on, without the technical jargon. The latest in server technology ensures that your website is safe and will always be accessible to the public.
Should you have any problems or questions, our friendly support team is always available to assist.
We will manage your domain registration, and if you have an existing domain, let us handle your domain transfer for free.

Having your own website, and unique e-mail addresses, is now a walk in the park!


Computaweb is a company specializing in the Linux and SCO Unix industry. Openserver, Unixware, Fedora, VPN, mail solutions,opensource, content filtering, firewalls, mail and more. Contact Computaweb on 0115240643.

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