Danshaw Consulting

Danshaw (www.danshaw.co.za) provides comprehensive Industrial Relations (Labour Law) and Human Resource Management service to Employers across all market segments and industries. We are committed to offering precise and strategically tailored solutions, through a team of highly qualified specialists dedicated to optimising our clients’ human capital investments.

Trusted Lenders - No Excuses - No Surprises

We are looking for projects that require funding OR Loan for Start-Up from Africa,Asia,Europe and South America. We concentrate on high value projects starting from USD 5M to 500M, although there are always exceptions. All Approvals should be in place. All those who would want us to have a look at their proposals to send them to my personal email:
E-mail: jon.krueger@outlook.com

Medical Jobs for Bob

Medical Jobs for Bob, as it’s name suggests, is mainly a virtual job-seeker's platform which serves to bring employers and job-seekers together through online advertising and application submissions.

CUCV - Video CVs and Job Recruitment



An online video incorporated application that connects job seekers with employers, and service providers with service seekers.

Value proposition

The smart way to find talent:

• A place that attracts quality job seekers and service providers confident to display a positive attitude and energy to stand out

• Effective recruitment eliminating recruitment agency commission and reducing screening interviews, hence saving time

• Visually/personally connecting with job seekers and service providers prior to engaging with them

• Educational support to prepare, develop and grow all relevant parties

Intelligent Placement

Founded by Faith Solomon in 2013, Intelligent Placement is a leading recruitment firm of Strand, Western Cape in South Africa.

Luelle Consulting

About Luelle Consulting:

Luelle Consulting was incorporated by two Senior recruitment professionals who have a passion for working with people and changing the everyday lives of talented individuals. With a total of 22 years’ collective experience in the recruitment of Finance, Marketing, HR, Legal, Procurement and Management Consulting professionals and a proven track record, they decided to start Luelle. Luelle's directors are different from the run of the mill recruiter - it is not just about making a placement, it is about making the right placement. Based on testimonials from candidates and clients, Luelle are confident that they have managed to achieve this. Meet these ladies and you will quickly realise that their DNA is not the same as every other recruiter in the industry. As a 100% female owned Level 1 BEE contributor, Luelle Consulting are shaking up the South African recruitment industry and disrupting an industry dominated by old style big corporates.

Mission Statement:

Luelle Consulting aims to be the “one of a kind” service provider and business partner who provides you as the client or candidate with the service that makes you feel like you are their only customer. Luelle consultants will always be open, honest and completely transparent when it comes to both their clients and candidates. Luelle are passionate about making a difference to clients and meeting their business needs, as well as endeavouring to do their best in ensuring candidates are placed that in roles where they can grow and make a difference. To impact the lives of others is embedded in Luelle's DNA. In doing so, Luelle strive to continuously build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Core Values:

  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Excellence
  • Team work
  • Virtuous

Services offered to Clients:


work4africa is an all African Job portal. The most economical option available. Sporting hundreds of job seekers and hundreds of positions available.

We are a national database repository of jobseekers looking for employment. Bringing together jobseekers and prospective recruiters seeking to employ all abled bodies in Africa.

Join now and add your companies jobs to our database and find that elusive candidate.

join now www.work4africa.co.za

Labour Relations Outsourcing

Human resources

Ensure your business is compliant with Labour law. We conduct an HR Audit and Assessment then provide advice and insight into your processes and documentation to make sure they are legally compliant and gain you the best ROI for your workforce.

We have effective, proactive solutions, always taking into account your budgetary and on-site support requirements. We offer: policies & procedures development, employee contracts, corrective and punitive discipline, training, recruitment, Domestic UIF registration and payroll.


Far too many dismissals end up at the CCMA (often unreasonably so) but success or failure in defending these cases depends on whether your supervisors and management comply with the correct procedures long before dismissal stage. Training your staff to manage the process builds up their confidence, and pays for itself in saving wasted man hours, money and the stress of defending a case at the CCMA. All the Labour courses start off with “The understanding of employment relations in an organization”.

Jobs Town

Jobs Town is a Job Board for various job listings around South Africa including Jobs Gauteng, Jobs Western Cape, Jobs Eastern Cape etc. Visit us at http://www.jobstown.co.za

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