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ACDC Express Pretoria East

ACDC Express Pretoria East specialises in the electrical sector, catering for the household (DIY), contractor, industrial, agricultural, mining and manufacturer markets. ACDC Express is a unique retail store concept that offers a convenient and versatile shopping experience, allowing customers to browse at leisure in an electrical ‘supermarket’. Our highly experienced technical staff are able to offer innovative solutions tailored to suit the needs of our customers. Their knowledge extends but is not limited to instrumentation, home and business automation, sustainable energy solutions, agricultural tools and lighting.
We stock a product range of over 90 000 individual items, that include security, hygiene, automation, telemetry systems, pumps, switchgear and instrumentation, energy management and power factor control, solar, tools, wiring and cable management, as well as a comprehensive range of lighting products.

We are located in Menlyn Retail Park, c/o Lois and Garsfontein Avenue, Menlyn and are open 7 days a week. From 7:00 to 17:00 on weekdays; 9:00 to 15:00 on Saturdays and 9:00 to 13:00 on Sundays. Contact number: 0874050620 and e-mail chrisr@acdcexpress.com


We install and supply CCTV, access control and more electronic security systems throughout South Africa we also provide service plans as well as lease agreement on all our products

Contact Tjaart van Aswegen protjaart@gmail.com cellular 0714144727

Compusafe Electronic Asset Security

Compusafe specializes in physically securing IT equipment, servers and office computers against theft during business break-ins
We also specialize in Pepper Spray Alarms which has become a very popular crime fighting tool in SA to force these computer thieves straight back out your premises, leaving them empty handed and feeling very sorry for themselves!
We all have alarm systems, but the thieves are still managing to get away with computers in the 4 to 5 minutes it takes a security company to react to an alarm activation. It has basically come down to how you manage this 4 to 5 minutes that will determine what the thieves get away with, and that’s where Compusafe come into the equation. Please be aware that in most cases the thieves return for the newly replaced IT equipment 10 to 14 days after the initial break in.
If you want to see just how effective the Pepper Spray alarms are, read the testimonial from our website, and have a look at this short video of how the thieves were forced straight back out the premises in 15 seconds flat - http://youtu.be/lwN1sEwEGqc . It doesn’t get better than this!

AAA Handy Solutions

•Installation of security systems
•Sale & installation solar systems
•Installation, repair & maintenance of gate motors, garage motors
•Installation, repair & maintenance of intercom systems
•Electrical appliance repairs & maintenance
•& Much much more
•Quick & efficient service

Stephen Koukakis
083 299 9358

AT20 SOLAR GESYER CALL +27734522819 / +27218259725


MJL has a vast range of SABS / Eskom approved Solar Water heating technologies ranging from Flat plate collector technology to evacuated tube technology. MJL's extensive experience & expertise in implementing medium to large scale Solar Water Heating facilities is substantial.
Genergy’s domestic range includes direct & indirect thermosyphon solar water heaters, ranging from 150L to 300L hot water solutions. Solar Water Heating in the domestic sector is also referred to as Solar Geyser. Genergy’s range of systems consists of a SABS approved Solar Geysers that carry a 10 year warranty. The solar collector carries a 5 year warranty. Most of MJL’s domestic systems are thermosyphon system. This means that the geyser is placed above the solar collector and the water circulates natural without the need for a pump. This eliminates the risk of mechanical part failure. Thermosyphon is the manner in which hot water rises and cool water sinks creating natural circulation. For clients who do not wish to have a geyser / hot water storage vessel installed on their roof, there are ways to lift the geyser high enough in the ceiling with ceiling support beams in order to have the geyser above the collector. This is called split-thermosyphon solar water heating.
CALL: +27734522819 / +27218259725
FAX: 0866658266
EMail: sales@mjlgroupofcompanies.com
VISIT: http://www.mjlgroupofcompanies.com

Electro Fibre and Data Distributors

We sell a wide variety of products that are manufactured by our sister company Telefibre Manufacturing, all our powder coated products are sprayed by Montague Powder Coaters, another sister company of ours.

Our products include but are not limited to brackets, toolboxes, electrical distribution boards and equipment, data cabinets and equipment, off-road accessories and the CrossRoader range of off-road trailers.


Rabtron, Based in South Africa is a distributor of Electronic Components, tools and equipment. Offering a wide range of electronic components to both consumers as well as the industry. Contact Rabtron on 0164227291

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