Liba Auctioneers

We strive to connect old auctioneering methods with the latest market trends through our online bidding platform which: > Reach more buyers & sellers
> View before you buy
> Save time, save money
> Free sign up
> No sale, no fee

Livestock Auctioneers

LIBA Auctioneers serve the greater area of the Northern Cape & Northwest Province agricultural community. Regular auctions of live stock are held every Wednesday when livestock are offered for sale. Our state of the art online bidding platform allows our local farmers to sell to more buyers online…directly from our store.

General Auctions
Throughout the year there are special sales of goods, horses, vehicles, equipment and machinery. Farm dispersal sales of machinery are also held as requested.

Flyer Distribution Cape Town | Community Life Media

Tired of your leaflets being dumped?

At Community Life Media we track our runners with GPS technology that ensures you see exactly where your flyers have been distributed. We employ highly motivated, permanently employed distributors.

Our Method​:

Each of our distributors carries a reliable, tamper-proof Global Positioning System unit which, by using satellite signalling, plot not only their exact movements, but each point at which they drop a pamphlet into a letter box. The satellite signals carry time stamps so that the GPS unit records exactly when and where each individual leaflet was deposited.

Our distributors know that their performance is measured on the basis of the information captured on the GPS units only, not on verbal reports or time spent out of sight of the team supervisor. The job is not considered complete if they don't return with GPS information showing that they passed through every street in the area, and dropped a pamphlet in each letter box in that street.

Crucially, we know that no amount of technological monitoring will ensure quality distribution of flyers without reliable distributors. That is why we only use full-time employed staff members, who are well paid and constantly incentivised and motivated to improve their accuracy.

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Our network was created to enable affiliate publishers to generate revenue by carrying advertising. We eat, sleep and drink affiliate marketing and are only truly successful when you are.

Billboard Advertising

Online resource where you can search for billboards in all the regions and South Africa, place an advertisement or list your billboard.

Sports Equipment,Branding,Litho printing,Sports wear and Signage

We specialise in Sports equipment, Importing and exporting of Sportswear,Graphic design,Silk screen printing,Garment manufacturing and printing,Signage and Vehicle branding and Signage, Embroidery,Calenders,Diaries,Logo design,Letterheads,Business cards,Decals and all other related services.

Feel free to email us for a OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE

Our professionals are readily available to assist you with all your needs.

Established 1996 Level 1 BEE Company

Tel : (031) 312 0352 / 312 0606

Email :

Enovation Digital Marketing Agency

We’re a team of creative and free thinking designers,
developers and marketing enthusiasts from Cape Town.
This is our agency.

Web Design/Development
Anything you need for your website, we start from scratch, and create an online presence your clients will remember.

Graphic/Print Design
Is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and colour; utilising the best of all these aspects is key to being memorable and making an impact.

The top. That’s where you want to be; at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages. Our SEO Strategies offer you exactly this; to be the first thing people see when searching the vastness of the Internet.

Online Advertising
Also called online marketing or Internet advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver your message to the world. By harnessing Google AdWords and other means, we’ll make sure you get heard/seen

Social Media Management
Have a Facebook Page or a Twitter account? Or even a Google+ Profile or Instagram page. These Social platforms can be a difficult task to manage at best, that’s why we offer our SMM services. Using strategic tools and analytics, we can reach the market you need.

Visit us at:

A Thomas Designs

Hello, I'm Annelize, a Freelancer, web designer & developer, seo specialist, google adwords guru and social media manager.


Best Skin Lightening Cream & bleaching products +27738432716

We sell original skin whitening / lightening injection, tablet/pill, cream and soap at good prices. We offer you good deal with guarantee result in few weeks of usage, we deliver right to your door with product has no side effect, remove scar, pigmentation, acne repair, sun spots, spot mark, stretch marks amongst other things when you use this product, the best skin lightening / whitening shade you need
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• Location: Johannesburg


The Mamelodibiz Business Directory is your online go-to place for information on businesses and services in the Mamelodi area. Here, you can find information about Mamelodi, learn more about the local businesses and about the best that Mamelodi has to offer. Showcase your business on our platform - talk to the local audience, tell them about your business and get closer to your customers.

The idea of the business directory comes from the realization that there is a need for township businesses specifically in Mamelodi to be marketed, advertised and to have an online presence. There are many small businesses that are operational but are not known by the large community of Mamelodi. Many of the youth are opening businesses and cooperatives but do not have the money as yet to have a dedicated website created and hosted as a result will require services from MZ Trading and Projects to provide reliable, efficient and effective service to our clients and the larger business sector including the community to have access to a single directory with up to date database of operational businesses industry.

We provide the following services under the Mamelodibiz umbrella:

* Online Business Directory
* Marketing & Advertising
* Event management (seminars, workshops, trainings, etc.)
* Business services (Business registrations, business profiles, business , etc.)
* Graphic designing & Web designing - including webhosting

We are a digital marketing company that offers solutions designed to create a real impact in your digital marketing strategy. Our company is based in Mamelodi, in the Pretoria and we service businesses across Gauteng. While our advertising solutions are targeted at the audience of the Mamelodi & greater Pretoria, our web design and SEO offerings are suitable for any business, in any location. Our product portfolio offers solutions that suit any budget and have the flexibility to be tailored into packages designed for maximum impact.

Real Deal Publications and Online Directory

The Real Deal Publications and Online Services
The Real Deal Publications has been successfully publishing for the past 14 years and now offers an online service for your business.
The sole purpose of Real Deal Online is to direct traffic to your website. Our Webmasters spend many painstaking hours linking you up to all the social networks, tagging and adding meta data to your webpage. This increases hits to our site thus increasing it to yours. Ultimately resulting in sales!
Give us a call NOW! and let us help you promote YOUR BUSINESS to the MAX!
Contact The Real Deal Online
Kathy Palmer: 073 206 1757
O:021 782 4562
Contact The Real Deal Magazine
Jane Carter: 072 676 6026
O:021 782 4562

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