PMD75 Wireless Pet Sensor

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The Paradox PMD75 is an wireless indoor pet friendly motion detector up to 40 KG.The Paradox PMD75 pet friendly motion detector has automatic temperature compensation and is battery-powered and features an innovative three minute energy save mode (after two detections within a five-minute period). Also, the ALIVE software in the PMD75 ensures that the alarm LED continues to display when it is in energy save mode without compromising battery life.

Mesnet Group

MesNet Group (PTY) LTD is a professional electronic technology company situated in South Africa. It is dedicated to Information Technology and Innovation promoting safety and assets tracking through our tracking technology, Global Position System (GPS), wireless mobile communication (GSM/GPRS), GPS tracking system and security monitoring system with its unrivalled proven solutions. We offer specialized information integration solution solutions like enterprise-internal management system, Comprehensive wiring, System integration, Especially in GPS real-time tracking system.

Multi-Locking Vehicle Tracking Security Systems cc

Multi-Locking, now 30 Years in the security industry, is one of the leaders in modern Locking, Access Control and CCTV technology.
•We are a fully Black Empowered Company (BEE).
•We strive to combine Cutting edge technology & skills and Service Excellence.
•Striving to maintain standards.
•Provide customers with single and turnkey security solutions, while supplying local and imported security products.
•Subscribes to quality control organizations who set stringent standards on products and installations, including SAIA, LASA, ISO, SEIRA etc.

Our products include:

•Access Control
•CCTV-Surveillance Systems
•Alarm Systems
•Mul-T-Lock High Security Locking Products
•Asset Locking and Tracking

For Further information on products and services we can do. Please do not hesitate to contact us on:
Tel: 011 467 1590
Cell: 079 896 9770 or 079 323 3966

Digit Overberg Vehicle Tracking

The Digit system is designed as an automatic, fully electronic logbook. Which will record every journey a vehicle makes, whenever it is being made, from where it started, the route it traveled, at what speeds it was going, where it went to and for how long it was stopped/parked before starting the next journey. The system includes PC software and mapping. It is not necessary to login to a slow website, as all the calculations, routes, maps, graphs, reports, printouts, etc are done right here on your own computer.
We listened to the customers and they all agree: time is money. We have designed a fleet management system where the control is back in your hands. No phoning to find out where your vehicle is. No slow downloads while you wait for reports to come off the internet. No need to go online to see reports and print routes. Everything is ready to go and at your disposal

Powerful Traditional Healers Psychic Spell Casters +27732234705

Powerful Traditional Healer Psychic Spells Sheik Muniil +27732234705

I am Sheik Muniil a Spiritual Healer I have been blessed with extremely powerful Spiritual Powers and Psychic Abilities. I have been offering spiritual healing / counseling and psychic solutions to clients from all over Africa and other parts of the world.

My services include, but are not limited the following:
• Psychic Readings • Palm Readings • Psychic Mediums
• Family Matters • Relationship Issues
• Money / Financial Matters • Your Fate • Business Related Issues
• Psychic Readings • Palm Readings • Psychic Mediums • Family Matters
• Love and Relationship Issues • Money / Financial Matters
• Your Fate • Business Related Issues.
Contact: Sheik Muniil
Tel: +27732234705
Skype: sheik.muniil2

R.M.V. Mobile Tracking Devices

The MT02 tracker is the most functional, accurate and reliable GPS tracking device on the market today. This next generation device is small and lightweight and can be concealed the smallest of places. But still allows you to remove the MT02 tracker if required for another purpose and re-install easily.
Once installed on your motorcycle, car or truck the MT02 tracker can be monitored wherever you travel to worldwide with incurring any roaming charges for being used abroad. Top up credits from any country via your mobile service provider.
You have the ability to track your bike, car or truck via your MT02 Tracking System control panel. This panel allows you complete control of the device with no third party interference. Any changes you make to the settings are instant and you can customize the device to suit your lifestyle, individual requirements and commercial needs. Your vehicle can be tracked up to every 10 seconds meaning real time location reports. A key feature if your motorcycle, car or truck is stolen greatly increasing recovery chances resulting in less inconvenience and to you.
For fleet motorcycles, cars and trucks you have the facility to add unlimited devices to your control panel. The panel stores infinite location history of all your MT02 trackers. Review all routes, select date and time you require, route reply feature, speed and distance, Google street view.

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