Visual Arts

Marlendy Art Gallery

My arts and crafts as well as art lessons are a guide for building effective visual arts. These lessons range from preschool to the university level. My art lessons are planed as per age.
We create drimac jackets in a wide variety of colours and sizes from children’s sizes to adult XXXXL.
We capture your loved one forever in oil, acrylic, watercolour paint or pencil.
When it comes to sending greeting cards, there is nothing more heartfelt than a homemade card. My unique greeting card collection includes custom, handmade designs.
We also create some trendy hand painted shopping bags

Pyro Graphix: Graphic Design and 2D & 3D Video Animation Company in Durban

We are a professional Multimedia Design and Animation company. Based in Durban South Africa, who provide creative marketing solutions for new and established brands. We combine beautiful motion graphics and effective graphic design to produce professional 2D & 3D Animation Videos and Motion Design.

Some of our services include Brand Development, Broadcast Media, Video Editing, Character Animation, Corporate Explainer videos, Television adverts, Company Presentations, Website Design, Post Production Editing and much more.

Pick and Paint Ceramic

Ceramic painting fun activity for all.  Pick a ceramic and paint free.  We manufacture a wide range of ceramic items and help to make your event special, be it a children birthday party, family event, girls night out, school or church market, corporate team building event - no limitations!

Our mobile unit brings the fun ceramic painting activity to your venue. 

Our focus is on fun for the person painting, very reasonable priced and takes our customers to a personal world where you create YOUR master peace - no computers, Xbox etc while you have healthy fun.   From ages 5 up, boys /girls /mom's / dad's and granny /grandpa all love this unique activity

We manufacture and supply to a range of craft shops and other business.  Supplier queries welcome!  

We are a family owned ceramic manufacturer that pride ourselves in using the best raw material and paying careful attention to detail of our products. 

Our aim is to bring ceramic painting as a fun activity to all ages and genders!   With our mobile unit there is no limitation to e FUN activity we provide.

Graphic / Web Design & Objects d'Art

Innovative - Professional - Creative.

Conceptualise and develop brands based on sound business and creative principles.

Graphic Design:
- Logos & Corporate Identity
- Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Magazine / Newspaper adverts, Business Cards, etc.
- Billboards and Banners
- Vehicle Signage
- Stationary
- Invoices
- Email Signatures
- Corporate Folders
- Diaries, Calendars and Notepads
- Packaging, Labels, etc.
- Wallpaper and Décor Design
- PowerPoint Presentations
- Newsletters (email / print)
- Magazine covers and layouts

Web Design:
CMS based Website Design (Wordpress):
- CSS skills
- SEO skills
- Template development
- Slideshows and Galleries
- Buttons
- Web Banners
- Contact Forms
- Information Forms
- Pricing Tables
- Information Tables
- Blog Pages
- Basic HTML
- Google Analytics

Objects d'Art:
Eco-friendly conversation pieces from the Cradle of Humankind.

Visit our Website for further details:

Party Swag

A networking site where users can upload pictures relating to fashion, activity, or skill that is cool.

tattoo shop in pta @ Skinmojo Tattoos

Don't settle for a cheap back yard tattoo, because it is for life and u will regret it a few years down the line, be ashamed of it because it wasn't done professionally. If you want to decorate your body do it the right way, so that when you leave the shop you will love your tattoo even when 10 years have passed, and here at skinmojo tattoos we can do any tattoo, cover up old ones create new ones, u just say it and we do it.
SkinMojo tattoos prides itself on being a commercial and custom tattoo studio. Being comfortable and capable of tattooing everything from the smallest tatts to the full body tattoos. Stenciled or Freehand, we specialize in any tattoo style. From color to black and grey from portraits to scripts, you say it and we do it. We will advise and guide you so that when your done your a happy customer in love with your new tattoo. We do tattoos accordingly to your budget and will advise you on size and placement

Hilton Edwards Abstract Artist

Hilton’s unique style of art is distinctively modern and abstract. He is a self-taught artist and employs a variety of mediums including cements, natural dyes, acrylics and burlap (hessian cloth), exploring the earthly elements of colour and substance. His layered applications of different mediums onto textured surfaces explores space and the illusions it creates. You can contact Hilton Edwards on 0764729812

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