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Tunisian Delights- Shawarma and Falafel. Tunisian born Moncef Messaoud creates food out of pure passion. He specializes in a blend of Mediterranean and desert dwellers culinary traditions and offers a rich variety of “sun cuisine” based mainly on olive oil, spices, tomatoes and meat. Shawarma is his true specialty. So come enjoy the Halaal rich shavings of mixed meats off the spit topped with traditional hummus, pickles, tzatsiki and salads. If vegan is what you are after then Falafel made with ground chickpeas and fava beans served with the same variety of Middle Eastern Salads is the answer.

Tunisian Delights have catering packages for weddings, birthdays and all other types of functions or events. We can also tailor –make unique menus to suit your needs. We come out to your venue and prepare fresh foods there or you can order for delivery.

We also have 5 markets where you can come and purchase our various delicious foods in smaller quantities. Visit our markets on the weekend at Houtbay Harbour, Lourensford (Somerset West); Route 44 (Stellenbosch); Oude Libertas (Stellenbosch) or all week at On the Wharf (V&A Waterfront).

Tunisian Delights offers cooking classes for those interested in learning about Tunisian Cuisine.

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