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Abortion pills 0603569430
Pregnancy termination pills to safely terminate a pregnancy without the need for surgery. Any woman (irrespective of age) can get a legal abortion for an unwanted pregnancy
Our one day pregnancy termination service for pain free abortion in South Africa. We deliver pregnancy termination pills in South Africa & the rest of Southern Africa.
Order pregnancy termination abortion pills at +27 60 356 9430 OR
How pregnancy termination pills work
Pregnancy termination pills cause the uterus to contract resulting in the termination of the pregnancy.
It takes a few hours for the pregnancy to be terminated using pregnancy termination pills
Pregnancy termination 0603569430
Our pregnancy termination pills are effective 98% of the time
After a pregnancy termination procedure you may experience slight nausea, vomiting & light bleeding which is normal during an abortion process
Legal Pregnancy Termination Service

For High Blood Pleasure/Hypertension Problems call +27738117439

For High Blood Pleasure/Hypertension Problems call us on 0738117439

Are you having high blood pleasure problems? Is anyone close to you is suffering from high

Blood pleasure/hypertension BUMBA HERBALS are here to help you to get and enjoy life no matter

How long has been troubling you, you have used a lot of medicine but no change, some of you are

Paralyzed due to that terrible disease stop worries we now have the solution for that, we have it and we willing to help you no matter what it takes my dear, this life come we are going to help you

With guarantee 100% strong and effective no side effect and not spiritual it real just tries us to secure you

And life as well this is an herbal solution.

How we go about the process to help you we need you to do two or three things

1. You must have hypertension/high blood pressure

2. You have to be with the papers that shows how your status is .so that when you start with our treatment we shall be able to know how far have you gone at the end of day

For more inform just
Contact: Dr Bumba
Tel +27738117439

NOTE: It is not a scam .................. its real give us chance get life back


Laser Aesthetics SA

We are Laser Aesthetics South Africa Pty Ltd, a company based in Johannesburg – South Africa, dedicated to the development, production and distribution of Aesthetic & Beauty Equipment in accordance to the latest standards and requirements.

Forever Living Products - Forever "natures miracle"

An outstanding range of Aloe Vera products using 100% inner leaf gel with a fine balance of high quality ingredients to help you look and feel your best. Health and wellbeing, weight management, beauty, sun protection and animal care - Money back satisfaction guarantee

Langaro Day Spa and Wellness Center

Langaro in Cape Town Camps Bay offers a personalized spa experience that is designed to pamper and transform. Each of our spa therapists is trained to provide personalised facials, full body massage, body wrap and body mask treatments.

Liposuction in India With Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India has attachment to the best popular beauty or plastic surgeons and weight problems surgeons in India. Our surgeons are most preferred specialists and we assist you to choose the best surgeons considering your economic budget for your medical care specifications.Our collaboration with the best cosmetic hospitals and clinics giving overweight surgical treatment make sure to obtain top quality medical treatments, surgeries and proper care to the international health care patients. A huge number of international health care consumers trying to find inexpensive medical treatments, choose India simply because they obtain high quality healthcare services within their budget. We permit our health care consumers with the healthcare visas, food, travel and accommodation arrangements during their medical care tour to India.

Home Detox South Africa

We offer a safe and affordable home detox service for addiction. We also have rehab clinics all over Africa waiting to help you beat addiction. Contact us today for free support and advice. 0875501938

LSN Lifestyle

The image presented by your employees reflects your brand.

Keep it looking clean and professional with the right attire that suits your companies' unique style.

We offer a range of corporate wear items manufactured from scratch suitable for the hospitality, beauty and medical industries.

In a variety of colours, fabrics and styles - at affordable costs customised to suit your brand.

Orders are delivered timeously and efficiently.
We are able to work closely with your company on the unique design and style that your company requires.
No minimum order quantities.
Note: orders are subject to fabric and factory availability.

For price enquiries and/or other related apparel requirements, please contact us directly:
012 430 2217 //

- Designed for fit. Loved for style. -


Esse offers a wide range of probiotic products for all skin types. World’s first live probiotic serum is made by Esse. All the products are certified and organic. The range of products include moisturisers, masks, serums, toners, cleansers, exfoliators and many more. These products can be used for different skin concerns such as anti-aging, dryness, oilyness, pigmentation etc.

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