Enovation Digital Marketing Agency

We’re a team of creative and free thinking designers,
developers and marketing enthusiasts from Cape Town.
This is our agency.

Web Design/Development
Anything you need for your website, we start from scratch, and create an online presence your clients will remember.

Graphic/Print Design
Is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and colour; utilising the best of all these aspects is key to being memorable and making an impact.

The top. That’s where you want to be; at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages. Our SEO Strategies offer you exactly this; to be the first thing people see when searching the vastness of the Internet.

Online Advertising
Also called online marketing or Internet advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver your message to the world. By harnessing Google AdWords and other means, we’ll make sure you get heard/seen

Social Media Management
Have a Facebook Page or a Twitter account? Or even a Google+ Profile or Instagram page. These Social platforms can be a difficult task to manage at best, that’s why we offer our SMM services. Using strategic tools and analytics, we can reach the market you need.

Visit us at:

Lyn Promo

Lynne Stokes Promotions is based in Durbanville, Cape Town and specializes in Indoor/Outdoor Advertising products, Point of Sale materials and corporate gifts.
We are able to brand all products sold, from silkscreen or digital print to engraving, laser etching and embroidering.


Penderz - Tenders for the People. Penderz is a social media platform created for shopping. Instead of going to a bunch of shops to find the best price, all you need to do is post what you want and let the shops bid for the best price and/or service. Or you can create shops and offer people products or services.

Swerve Designs Web Developers

At Swerve Designs we create result-driven websites with online marketing campaigns to create a noteworthy online presence, brand awareness, engage customers and increase profitability. To make sure that your website is generating the business it should, we offer a wide range of services included in the Marketing Campaign, to ensure that your business lives to it’s full potential.


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The Mamelodibiz Business Directory is your online go-to place for information on businesses and services in the Mamelodi area. Here, you can find information about Mamelodi, learn more about the local businesses and about the best that Mamelodi has to offer. Showcase your business on our platform - talk to the local audience, tell them about your business and get closer to your customers.

The idea of the business directory comes from the realization that there is a need for township businesses specifically in Mamelodi to be marketed, advertised and to have an online presence. There are many small businesses that are operational but are not known by the large community of Mamelodi. Many of the youth are opening businesses and cooperatives but do not have the money as yet to have a dedicated website created and hosted as a result will require services from MZ Trading and Projects to provide reliable, efficient and effective service to our clients and the larger business sector including the community to have access to a single directory with up to date database of operational businesses industry.

We provide the following services under the Mamelodibiz umbrella:

* Online Business Directory
* Marketing & Advertising
* Event management (seminars, workshops, trainings, etc.)
* Business services (Business registrations, business profiles, business , etc.)
* Graphic designing & Web designing - including webhosting

We are a digital marketing company that offers solutions designed to create a real impact in your digital marketing strategy. Our company is based in Mamelodi, in the Pretoria and we service businesses across Gauteng. While our advertising solutions are targeted at the audience of the Mamelodi & greater Pretoria, our web design and SEO offerings are suitable for any business, in any location. Our product portfolio offers solutions that suit any budget and have the flexibility to be tailored into packages designed for maximum impact.

Kreatif .code .design

Kreatif is a truly collaborative design and digital agency in Cape Town. We work distributed, as part of a hive of individual experts, collaborating to suit your needs perfectly.

We love being creative, developing stunning brand and corporate identities, packaging, signage and all forms of printed marketing material. In fact when it comes down to thinking outside the box, we’ve got it down to a fine art. As a digital design agency we specialise in UI and UX design, creating exceptional websites for exceptional human beings.

We are also a bunch of geeks at Kreatif and we enjoy nothing more than working with the latest technology, where we can push boundaries and go way beyond the industry standards of today. Provide integrated solutions including hosting, maintenance, content management and e-commerce for your online presence.

No 1 Local Electricians

Need a Local Electrician in Your Area Call 011 0252109, For all Your Household,Residential and Business Electrical Needs, Free Quote, NO CALL OUT FEE, WE ARE AVAILABLE 24/7 FOR ALL EMERGENCY ELECTRICAL NEEDS.
Our Services include

Generator Installation
Power Failures
Certificates of Compliance
Lights and Plug Repairs
Pool Pumps
Gate Motor Repairs
Distribution Board Repairs

Circuit Breaker Tripping Repairs
Tracing & Locating Faults
Lightning & Surge Protection
Geyser Timers
Wiring & Re-Wiring
General Electrical Work
Electrical Emergencies...and much More

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