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Luus Attorneys
JACO LUUS ATTORNEYS focus mainly on Labour Law and we limit our services to the Labour Enviroment.
The professional staff members are registered with the Law Society of The Cape of Good Hope. We represent both sides in the employment relationship.
We provide employers and employees with the following services:
Legal Advice
Representation in the CCMA
Labour Court
Our Advisory Consultation services include:
Application in the Labour Court and CCMA
Chairing of Disciplinary Enquiries
Retrenchment Notifications and Consultation
Urgent Labour Court Applications
Unfair Discrimination
Unfair Suspension
Please consult our Services Page for a more in depth analysis and description of each of the Services we offer as this will assist you in making an informed decision.

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Debt Guard

Debt Guard strives to provide an effective solution to your debt problems. By assessing all possible solutions with our clients, our aim is to regain peace of mind and control back into the consumers lives and empowering the consumer to rehabilitate their debt and to obtain financial freedom once again.

Nibity Transcription Services

Nibity is a speedy, easy to use, online transcription service, offering a single rate for converting audio or video to text, calculated per second. Nibity provides transcripts of focus group discussions, interviews, disciplinary hearings, board meetings and TV shows, etc, to the media and the legal profession, as well as to the educational, finance, political and commercial sectors. It is the ideal choice for those who want a straightforward, economical transcription option. Visit our website at

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Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a Consultancy company based in the Lowveld that offers a complete human resource package tailored across different industries within all segments.

We have 3 incredible packages (SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM) that are flexible and able to suit your exact business needs. Through our needs analysis we determine the best option for your budget.

Our personalized services leads towards building a trusted and long lasting relationship with our clients, this is of the utmost importance to us, these personalized yet effective services enable a greater understanding of your business and its employment needs, which serves as the basic building blocks of employment that are vital to the success of your business.

Our job is to support the relationship between the employer and employee by providing:

Conflict Resolution, Disciplinary & Grievance Management, Transformation & Employment Equity, Employee Wellness, Industrial Relations; Quality - Governance & Risk Management, CCMA Representation, Performance Appraisals and much more.

Our approach is to be proactive; to anticipate and help you solve problems before they become major litigation or community relations issues. Offering all companies a cost-effective solution to having the full support of specialist HR Consultants who are willing to walk that extra mile. With full confidentiality in mind, we have a needs analysis to understand your businesses requirements such as:

Company policies and procedures, disciplinary actions, work skills planning, employment equity, training and development, Industrial Relations, on-call assist, payroll, site visits, chairing at hearings and appeals.

The owner and staff of Lowveld Labour & HR Solutions (Pty) Ltd have a deep passion for the various fields related to human resources, with years of business and management experience that will ensure you of the best professional and reliable services.

Creditors and Debt Collectors hassling you for payments? We can help!

Struggling to make ends meet and stressed out by debt collectors calling? We can make it stop.We assist consumers who are financially over-indebted by negotiating with their creditors to reduce installments, interest rates and extending terms. By applying for debt review the calls received from debt collectors will cease and you will be able to focus on paying off your debts and have the peace of mind all your debts all credit providers will be receiving payment. CALL ONE OF OUR REGISTERED DEBT COUNSELLORS TODAY ON 087 1500 132!

DCR Legal Consulting (Pty) Ltd

DCR Legal Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a legal consulting company that specialises in providing quality and cost-effective legal work that will aptly address your legal requirements and we offer our legal services to individuals, companies and even attorneys. Our focus areas are drafting contracts, policies, processes and procedures, providing legal advice and legal research in various areas of the law and many more.
DCR Legal is solely owned by Reneé Bailey, the founder and an admitted attorney, who has dealt with and is experienced in various aspects of the South African laws. We are able to provide you with much insight into your business and our legal service offerings will ensure that you stay on the right track to protect your business interests.
As part of our service offering, we are able to assess your existing contracts or legal documents by identifying any possible legal risks and advising you on how to mitigate those risks, if any. We are also able to review your existing contracts, policies or legal documents while your company has undergone significant changes or grown and to align your contracts with changes in the law.
So, to ease your legal needs or even if you just require an extra legal hand, please call or email us and we’ll be happy to assist you.
Mobile: 0834127417

Marais Muller Hendricks Inc

Marais Müller Hendricks is a general practice law firm that offers a wide variety of legal services. We take the time to get to know our clients to allow us to provide effective representation specifically tailored to each client's needs.

The firm was established in 1945 and has since grown substantially, becoming one of the largest law firms in the Western Cape. It's workforce comprise of 14 Directors, 9 Professional Assistants and 9 Candidate Attorneys that occupy offices in the Cape Town CBD, Tyger Valley, Kuils River and Stellenbosch areas.

Our commitment to positive change is mirrored in all aspects of our work as we pride ourselves with the confidence to deal with any challenge, of any nature. As a result of our commitment to professional excellence, our firm has gained the support of various large commercial and industrial corporations, along with several major banks in South Africa. Marais Müller Hendricks Attorneys is also proudly associated with the Cape Law Society.

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