Stay Sure Insurance Brokers

Stay Sure Insurance Brokers is a renowned insurance broker in Cape Town, which was founded by Coert Knoetze in 1992.


The Hollard Insurance Group (comprising the Hollard Insurance Company and Hollard Life Assurance Company) is South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurance group, established in 1980.

Although we’ve only been around for just over 30 years, the roots of the company go way back into the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was then that an insurance broker, Robert Enthoven, realised that insurance companies were not adequately meeting the needs of their corporate customers. He had an idea to start an insurance company that formed deep and long-term partnerships with corporate customers in a way that allowed them to share in the fruits of improved risk management. Out of this spirit of true partnership the Hollard Insurance Company was born.

Since the early days, Hollard has gone from strength to strength, but we’ve never forgotten our roots – long term, genuine and mutually beneficial partnerships form the core of everything that we do as an insurance group today.

Alpha Direct Insurance - Botswana's first direct insurance underwriter

Alpha Direct Insurance | Botswana Insurance Company | Car Insurance

Alpha Direct Insurance Company is Botswana's first direct insurance underwriter, specialising in car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, workmans/workers compensation insurance, travel insurance and all other forms of short-term insurance as classified in the Insurance Industry Act of Botswana. The company is regulated by NBFIRA (Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regualtory Authority)

Alpha Direct Insurance has a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social media, and is a highly popular insurance company among Batswana. 

If you are buying a new or used car or home anywhere in Botswana (they have clients in Gaborone, Francistown, Maun, Ghanzi, Palaype, Mahalapye and Serowe as well as Lobatse) so they can service your needs when you meet with an accident very fast. Alpha Direct Insurance has Botswana's only 24 Hour Emergency Assist Line (Toll Free) so that your needs can be met promptly.



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PWV Insurance Brokers North (Pty) Ltd

PWV North is a leading insurance brokerage providing tailor-made insurance solutions for personal and business clients. PWV North specializes in trustee bonds, executor bonds, court bonds, curator bonds and short term insurance.

Life Cover, Severe illness, Disability, Provident and Pension Funds, Retirement planning and investment.

Buchner Group is a company that strives to help individuals achieve their financial goals through proper financial planning. We are partners with Discovery, Liberty, Momentum, Altrisk and Sanlam.

We cover the following areas:

Life Cover
Severe Illness
Medical Aid
Retirement Planning
Off-shore investments
Provident and Pension funds

insuranceoptions-Building Insurance Companies

Insurance Options works for you by making your life easier. We give you the ability to compare premiums and pricing for various insurance products, such as; car insurance, buildings insurance, life cover, hospital insurance, business insurance and funeral cover.


AreYouInsured? is a free impartial website offering the best deals from the leading insurance companies in South Africa. AreYouInsured? is also a booklet distributed nationally to households, helping them to make an informed decision regarding their insurance needs. Go online or consult your free insurance guide to find the best deals and quotes regarding car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, life insurance and travel insurance.

Smart Insurance

Small Area Repair Technology was a first for South Africa when 2 brothers that owned a Scratch and dent repairer realised that there was no cover available for this type of damage in Comprehensive insurance and that excesses will always be incurred when claiming for this damage. The first attempt at this kind of cover failed but when Hollard realised the potential, backed Smart and the giant you know today was born.

Scratch and dent repair seems simple enough and many have tried, as the superior product today, Smart have succeeded in reserving successfully in order to satisfy claims whereas competitors struggle with this concept.

A niche product that has many benefits for the consumer, the dealer as well as the broker. Traditionally a value ad at dealer point of sale, Smart have now started conquering the direct channel as well as the broker market. Some of the benefits for brokers include a better management of their loss ratios, for direct players it means eliminating the middle man and introduces the benefit that this product is not only for new cars but cars with pre-existing damage as well. Although there are limitations for pre-existing damage, Smart is still the answer for scratch and dent repair.

New in the stable of products sees the motorcycle plan, a product that no one could perfect until now. Specific outlines to keep your motorcycle in showroom condition. The same as with cars, we know that at time of trade in, dealers love to devalue your vehicle in order to up their selling price, with your Smart plan in place, this will no longer be the case. Your vehicle can be repaired as many times a year as you accumulate damage. Unlimited claims, quality repairers – Smart has a national footprint of repairers, from accredited manufacturer repairers to large body shops.

Smart’s success can be contributed to Hollard’s support, a quality product with outstanding service levels.

InsureDeal Insurance

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