Kenter Metals

We are a scrap metal dealer, and trying our best to help the community by promoting recycling.

As you know, a lot of junk can be recycled rather than dumped.

We accept all items like:

Engine/ car parts (Must have valid paperwork for engine)
Batteries (car batteries/ gate batteries)
Broken steel table and chairs
Window/door frames (steel)

Instead of dumping them, keep them and come and visit us to recycle.

We are proudly vagrant free, and are very strict with the rules, so please don’t forget to bring your ID/Driver’s license.

Please note: our company can collect, but we require up to a certain tonnage, please call to enquire.

Mon – Fri: 8am to 5pm

Satu: 8am - 1pm

Phone: 021 552 7803

Autobos Training Centre

Provide training & certification to operators of all Lifting Equipment as per the OHSA Act, 85 of 1993 (Forklift & Crane Operators). Also provide training and certification to all operators of Earth Moving/Mining/Construction Equipment (Articulated Trucks, TLB's, Dump Trucks, Front-End Loaders, Bobcat's, Excavators, etc).

Also provide training courses for First Aid and Fire Fighting as per the OHSA Act.

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