Cleaning Services

Roof cleaning & ceiling vacuuming services

We provide a professional and reliable service that specialises in the cleaning and removal of dust, bird/rat/bat faeces, carcasses, nests, dust mites, building rubble and old deteriorated insulation materials from your roof space.

Our roof spaces are often overlooked when considering a clean and hygienic environment. Many people don’t realise how many rodents, bats, birds and other pests move through their roof leaving behind their urine and faeces. These rodents often attract cockroaches, silverfish and insects. Even after ridding ones house of these pests their faeces still remains.

Over the years this accumulation of faeces and urine dries up and turns to dust and bacteria which slowly makes its way into your living space through light fittings, air vents, extractor fans, gaps in cornices etc. This can often be the cause of a number of unexplained ailments including allergies, diseases, eye & skin irritations, lung diseases and sneezing.

There is serious health risks associated with rat, bat and bird infestations in one’s home. These infestations attract cockroaches, parasites, lice, viruses and bacteria which can in turn pose a health risk in your premises.

Below are some “symptoms” indicating your roof space may need to be cleaned:
◾Bad odours – These may be caused from faeces, urine, old bird nests and carcasses
◾Noises on your ceilings – This may be caused by rats, bats and birds living in your roof
◾Dust in your house – This can seep through fittings and openings in your ceiling to your living space
◾Stains on your ceiling – If this is not caused by a leaky roof chances are its faeces or rodent urine
◾Damage to rolled insulation, plastic pipes and electrical cables – This is usually caused by rats
◾Diseases such as Typhus and Salmonella and intrusion of dust mites
◾Unexplained ailments such as allergies, eye irritations, lung diseases and sneezing which won’t go away

Contact us on 0861 111 001


Quik-Janitorial Services (pty) ltd (QJS) is a private company located in Stanger and offering residential and commercial cleaning services. QJS offers a range of services to the residential and commercial clients, from general cleaning such as window cleaning, bathroom and office cleaning, kitchen, domestic high pressure cleaning, carpet & upholstery cleaning, and laundry services.

The business is based in Stanger at Thembeni Area. Mandlenkosi (known as Mandla) is the managing director of the company responsible for the scheduling, estimates, training, inventory, ordering, payroll and customer care management. The business organizational type is private company, with five permanent employees and two casuals. The business hours start from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. The office will be closed during holidays except in peak times such as festive seasons. However, any arrangements for cleaning services communicated in advance could be executed during holidays.

We Clean Cleaning Services

We clean your home and business. Using Kärcher Professional equipment and eco-friendly chemicals. Our services includes the cleaning of carpets, upholstery, kitchens, bathrooms, before and after occupation and mattresses. We work in Bloemfontein, Kimberley and the towns in these areas. We do the hard work, so you don't have to!

Powerful traditional healer Witchcraft Spell Casters +27732234705

Powerful traditional healer Witchcraft Spell Casters +27732234705

Spell casting is becoming more and more accepted by mainstream society. And for one simple reason: it works! But only if practiced by someone skilled in the art of spell casting. My sole mission is to enhance your life -- to bring you success, happiness and fulfillment.I have been providing metaphysical services for three decades to clients in over 50 countries. Ours is a mixture of African traditional medicine, spiritualism, psychic powers, rituals, native healing, spell casting, all of which are designed to take care of whatever adversity you may face. My solutions are tailor designed depending on the nature of your problem or adversity. Ours is a constant mission to ensure that good prevails over evil and to ensure that you have peace of mind, success and happiness. I have a proven track record, having honed our skills from experiences and tradition passed down through the centuries from our forefathers. I do email, phone and private readings and consultations to enable you take control of the situation and control your destiny.
Contact: Sheik Muniil
Tel: +27732234705
Skype: sheik.muniil2

Powerful Traditional Healers Best Spell Casters Sheik Muniil +27732234705

African Traditional Healer Master Spells Caster Sheik Muniil +27732234705

I can cast a spell on your behalf regarding a relationship, your financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. I have the power and I use the power. I can change the course of your destiny. Contact me and I shall cast a spell for you. Tell me what it is you want and I shall go about my work. Is it someone or something you desire to have? Do you want wealth, or happiness, or a mate?

Some of the diseases / problems I can treat/ cure

1. We protect cars and home?
2. Do you want your business to succeed?
3. Do you have long painful periods?
4. Do you have bad luck?
5. Are you struggling to sell your property?
6. We help people with court cases?
7. We can help you to quit alcohol, smoking
8. Job promotion?

Lost lover specialist
1. We bring back lost lover
2. Do you want to win your loved one
3. We help single people to find partners
4. Do you want to be married?
5. Love attraction
6. Married problems & Divorce
8. Love portion

All these done in 3 - 7 Days, Privacy place strictly
confidential Result 100% Guaranteed and i have divine powers that enable you to connect to your forefathers or ancestors to give you guidance in life and enable you to change the course of your destiny
Contact: Sheik Muniil
Tel: +27732234705
Skype: sheik.muniil2

T's car wash

With our highly skilled team of valet and car wash experts dealing with your car
you are sure to receive the best shinning results
Pay our car wash a visit at 99 Howe circle Sunny ridge now. We are open every day of the week

Dial Findoo

Need Assistance or a Quote?
call us: 087 941 0003

Need assistance for Plumbing, Electrical, Gate Motor,DSTV, Burglar Doors, Glazing, Gardening, CCTV, Pest Control, Cleaning Service or Carpentry.

Chiks tree felling

Chiks Tree Felling offers the services of cutting and removing, stump removing and tree trimming.
For more info, please contact us at: +27 72 819 1628

Wedding waiter hire

We Hire out all types of Staff for Private Parties to Corporate Occasions & Special Events: from Bartenders to Waiters& Chefs, Food Service Staff and Runners
Waiters and Waitress Hire Quotations | Quotes for Waiters and Waitress Hire in Gauteng. Call 0110744274 or Email:
We provide waiters and waitresses for hire in Gauteng at reasonable rates. ... We specialize in providing passionate, well groomed staff of Waiters for private parties and corporate occasions...
We cater for corporate events, conferences, weddings & private parties.
We have topless waiters across Gauteng for private parties and corporate functions, for a free quote call 0781596347

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