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Don't settle for a cheap back yard tattoo, because it is for life and u will regret it a few years down the line, be ashamed of it because it wasn't done professionally. If you want to decorate your body do it the right way, so that when you leave the shop you will love your tattoo even when 10 years have passed, and here at skinmojo tattoos we can do any tattoo, cover up old ones create new ones, u just say it and we do it.
SkinMojo tattoos prides itself on being a commercial and custom tattoo studio. Being comfortable and capable of tattooing everything from the smallest tatts to the full body tattoos. Stenciled or Freehand, we specialize in any tattoo style. From color to black and grey from portraits to scripts, you say it and we do it. We will advise and guide you so that when your done your a happy customer in love with your new tattoo. We do tattoos accordingly to your budget and will advise you on size and placement

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