Pick and Paint Ceramic

Ceramic painting fun activity for all.  Pick a ceramic and paint free.  We manufacture a wide range of ceramic items and help to make your event special, be it a children birthday party, family event, girls night out, school or church market, corporate team building event - no limitations!

Our mobile unit brings the fun ceramic painting activity to your venue. 

Our focus is on fun for the person painting, very reasonable priced and takes our customers to a personal world where you create YOUR master peace - no computers, Xbox etc while you have healthy fun.   From ages 5 up, boys /girls /mom's / dad's and granny /grandpa all love this unique activity

We manufacture and supply to a range of craft shops and other business.  Supplier queries welcome!  

We are a family owned ceramic manufacturer that pride ourselves in using the best raw material and paying careful attention to detail of our products. 

Our aim is to bring ceramic painting as a fun activity to all ages and genders!   With our mobile unit there is no limitation to e FUN activity we provide.

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