Shotcrete and Gunite

Shotex CC

Our exciting dynamic high pressure sprayed concrete product is now available on your domestic and commercial market at a competitive price.

Shotex is a specialized shotcrete/gunite company with 14 years experience. We have petrol, diesel, electric and air driven machines to suit any site, with built in mixers to ensure uniformity of mix designs.

We comply to all health and safety standards with an impeccable record, no structural defects or serious injuries. Shotcrete/gunite is unique in that it is applied at high pressure, with minimal water, to any backing or shape and has been used in the following applications:
• Security walls
• Housing/Schools/large buildings
• Strengthening of existing walls, e.g. precast
• Retaining walls and concrete shoring
• Pools, dams, ponds and artificial rock
• Concrete repairs and waterproofing
• Refractory, heat and wear resistant linings
• Mine declines and tunnels
• Slab jacking
We have daily or per m2 rates, depending
on location and product to be used.
Contact Shotex cc on 0123472965 for more information.

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